All About Magnolia by Delphinium

All About Magnolia
By Delphinium

Magnolia loved to go up and down the stairs.
She slided on my lap.
She loved to say her familys names.
She loved to read.
Magnolia loved to put on her familys shoes.
Her first word was dog dog.
Diagram of Magnolia (head, hands, legs, feet)
She had a very loving and generous heart.
She loved her family and showed it by making them happy when they were sad.

Poem for Magnolia

Coming to us on a full moon night
On your sister’s birthday
Born in our bed
Surrounded by love from the first moment

Smiling before your first month ended
Focusing intently on Delphinium when she engages you
Traveling all over the city
Snuggled so tightly against our bodies

Generous smiles and eye-to-eye connections
Charming everyone you meet
So flexible and steady
As we take you from place to place

Kicking with enthusiasm when you’re held
Grinning at yourself in the mirror
Grabbing your toes and just holding on for awhile
Laughing along with your sister

Creating your first jokes
By presenting objects and then not letting us take them
A great set up
Laughing because you get that it’s funny

Ravenously eating
From mushy foods on forward
Loving anything that’s offered
Chipmunking food into your big cheeks

Discovering the stairs
They entertain you for months
As you climb and descend
And grin at anyone nearby

Wonderfully slow days with Mama
Crawling around your house
Swinging contentedly at the playground
The world following your rhythms

You claim the kitchen as a workshop
Stacking bowls and transferring objects
Moving magnets around the refrigerator
Climbing up onto the dishwasher door when given the chance

Further comedy
As you lean to the side and get everyone around to do it too
Or rock back and forth manically
Soaking up the appreciation of your audience

You approach learning to walk
As with so many developments
Happily and without frustration
Hurtling about the house joyfully

You fill our summer at Grandma and Uncle Jim’s house
With handing people their shoes
Exploring the outside
Insistently wearing a bicycle helmet through hours of play

Sister time in your crib
Delphinium joins you in the mornings
Leaves us sleeping while she reads and sings to you
Creates a private space for just you two

Coming into our bed
You climb all over us and explore clocks and glasses
Pause for a quick cuddle
Before getting back to work

Each day winds down with books and songs
We sing you “Hey Soul Sister” every night of your life
As you lift your butt in the air and fondle your blanket
Settling in for a night’s sleep

Learning the power of words
You yell “Dogdog!” at every passing canine
Learn “backpack” and “shoes” and “bath”
Use them to guide your loving adults

Transitioning to new routines
You embrace your days at day care
Welcoming Altagracia’s arms in the morning
Turning to say, “Bye bye!” and blow a kiss on each step as you leave

One block’s walk back home
Can turn into a 20 minute adventure
Commenting on every house, car, and light
Giving orders to sit on stoops as we slowly make our way

Arriving at Granny and Grandpapa’s apartment each time
You grin at them as you march straight to your toys
Hours of work to be done with bowls
Little stones and rubber bands

Sister baths filled with merriment
Lots of splashing and hijinks
You learn to soap up your hands
To wash Delphinium’s back

Energy and ambitious adventurousness
Amazing us by scaling your high chair independently
Zooming back and forth repeatedly in our back room
Walking off the couch onto the pillows below

Reading becomes more interactive
As you show your preferences clearly
Talking to us about “Gossie” or “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”
Repeating words and turning pages to make connections

Words become phrases
As you narrate our life for us:
“Mama socks” “Papa tired?” “Duhdoo sleeping”
“Upstairs!” “Noyo do it!”

Beginning to follow your sister’s creative lead
So decisive with your marks on paper
Gleefully creating your first painting
Narrating it all

Dress up suits you perfectly
Hats and shoes to parade around in
An armored breast plate across your chest
Grinning through outfit after outfit

Developing such independence
You want to spend your time brushing your teeth
Moving chairs around to suit your purposes
Making the world work for you

You led your whole life
So joyfully and so fully
Embracing everything it had to offer
Welcoming us all to join you for the ride