Reading to Remember Magnolia 2016

January 26-27 (or whenever you can)

·      Read with your kids, to a loved one, or on your own.
·      Use that moment to think of Magnolia and say her name.
·      Take a picture and share your reading with us:
o   Twitter: @Kendra_sibley and/or #readingformagnolia
o   E-mail:

Friends and Family,

We're again approaching that dreaded anniversary, the night of January 26th when
we put our beloved Magnolia to bed for the last time, and the morning of January
27th when we found her dead in her crib.  It's been three years now since we
held our wonderful daughter in our arms, heard her voice, lit up when we saw her
smile.  Her memory is so strong, but her living feels so distant.

This month is always hard for us, and has been especially so because Azalea is
20 months old, rapidly approaching the 22 months and 7 days that was the
totality of Magnolia's time with us.  She is wonderful and absolutely thriving,
as Magnolia was, and spends her time on so many of the same things: Running
around joyfully with Delphinium, putting on her family's shoes, dressing up in a
helmet and breastplate, cozying up on our laps to read books.  Every minute
with her is such a reminder, both wonderful and painful, of her sister whom
she'll never meet.  And every night is filled with worry that she won't wake
up. (Kendra recently wrote about our fears on our blog at

During this dark time for us, we ask you to join us in remembering Magnolia by
reading in her memory.  It means so much to us that so many people are thinking
of her, saying her name, keeping her present in the world.  We frequently look
back at the pictures people have sent us over the past two years (which are all
gathered at and feel so
comforted by all the people in so many places who are keeping Magnolia present.

So, please read for Magnolia on the 26th or 27th (or any other time you can fit
it into your life), whether by yourself or with someone you love, and say her
name aloud.  And then send us a picture or let us know in some other way. (If you don't want your picture posted on this blog, tell us that too!)

Thanks for being alongside us on this journey.


Sasha and Kendra

We read some of Magnolia's favorites together and Kendra and Delphinium are reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

We also went to Azalea and Magnolia's daycare to read to the kids. Magnolia loved her daycare and we have returned every year to read on this anniversary. We are so grateful Azalea is able to go here too and for the love and attention from their day care provider.

Kendra's mother hosted another Reading to Remember Magnolia event in Denver. Many of our dear friends in Denver gathered in their pjs to read together and talk about our girl. We love all these cozy groups of readers and wish badly we could be there!

So many of you sent us notes about what you are reading and pictures of you snuggled up reading with people you love. Thank you for sharing these moments with us!

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  1. sweet it's sounds as I say her dear name aloud. Thank you for the opportunity to know your sweet angel.