Reading to Remember Magnolia 2015

Reading to Remember Magnolia

January 24-27

      Read with your kids, to a loved one or on your own. 

      Use that moment to think of Magnolia and say her name. 

      Take a picture and share your reading with us on Facebook or twitter:
             Facebook event page 
            @Kendra_sibley and/or #readingformagnolia

It’s approaching the second anniversary of Magnolia’s death and we continue to remember and honor her every time we pick up a book in our family. We have been reading all of Magnolia’s favorite books with Azalea, admiring their gnawed edges and remembering the hours of reading and rereading with Magnolia seated in our laps.  It makes us so happy to share these favorite books with Magnolia’s little sister. 

Delphinium has grown so much as an independent reader this year.  We admire the ways she curls up for hours with a favorite book and the ways that she engages Azalea in books, as we imagine how much Magnolia would be enjoying reading with her sister at nearly 4 years of age now.  The reading we do with Delphinium and Azalea is always part of keeping Magnolia’s memory present in our home. 

When we think back to January two years ago, we have so many wonderful images of our lively, vibrant daughter:  Magnolia pulling a chair over to the light switch and climbing up to flick the switch on and off, over and over again.  Magnolia splashing around gleefully in the bath with Delphinium.  Magnolia dancing around the living room with us.  Magnolia painting intently, mixing colors on her paper.  Magnolia bringing a tissue to Delphinium to wipe her tears.  Magnolia bouncing on the bed, then reading Down by the Bay on her own before bedtime on January 26th.  And then she was gone, over night.

This weekend, as we approach the second anniversary of her death on the 27th, we would love for your family to join us in reading for Magnolia to keep her memory alive. We welcome any and all forms of reading: reading to your children at night, reading to your partner, reading by yourself.  We just ask that you take a moment to think about Magnolia and to say her name out loud, to make her present in your reading in the days leading up to the anniversary of her death.

And after you do, please let us know about it.  Post a picture of your reading self and family on Facebook, send a tweet to @kendra_sibley and add/or tweet with the hashtag #readingformagnolia, send an e-mail with a note letting us know what you read and whom you read it to.  We’ve looked so many times at the photos from last year (posted in Reading to Remember Magnolia 2014) and it gives us great comfort to see so many people reading and thinking about our wonderful daughter.

Many of the ways that we continue to remember Magnolia have to do with reading.  Her New York Public Library fund ( continues to grow, raising money to purchase children’s books for Bronx public libraries.    We are hosting an infant and toddler reading room at our school’s Read-a-Thon this weekend, and giving away board books to encourage early literacy.  We are also sending home board books bought in Magnolia’s name to welcome new babies who are born into Bronx Community Charter School families.  We hope that these efforts will help to keep Magnolia’s love of books alive in our community. 

Entering a new year without Magnolia is difficult again and we face the approach of the anniversary of her death with dread and sadness.  January 27th will mark 2 years since her death at 22 months.  It feels especially awful this year to know that she has been gone longer than she was alive.  We continue to feel her absence and the hole that it has left behind.  We miss her all the time.  We love her so much and make many opportunities to talk about her and share stories and memories together.  

Thank you for sharing our sadness and helping to keep Magnolia’s memory present.  

(Please let us know if you do not want your pictures posted here.) 

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